Class UnaryTableSequence

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable

public class UnaryTableSequence extends QuerySequence

Purpose: Defines sequencing through using a singleton sequence table.

Description This is similar to the TableSequence but the sequence table only stores a single row defining a single sequence.

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  • Field Details

    • counterFieldName

      protected String counterFieldName
      Hold the name of the only column in multiple single-column tables
    • updateString1

      protected String updateString1
    • updateString2

      protected String updateString2
    • selectString1

      protected String selectString1
    • selectString2

      protected String selectString2
    • updateStringBufferSize

      protected int updateStringBufferSize
    • selectStringBufferSize

      protected int selectStringBufferSize
  • Constructor Details

    • UnaryTableSequence

      public UnaryTableSequence()
    • UnaryTableSequence

      public UnaryTableSequence(String name)
      Create a new sequence with the name.
    • UnaryTableSequence

      public UnaryTableSequence(String name, int size)
      Create a new sequence with the name and sequence pre-allocation size.
    • UnaryTableSequence

      public UnaryTableSequence(String name, String counterFieldName)
    • UnaryTableSequence

      public UnaryTableSequence(String name, int size, String counterFieldName)
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