Developing Persistence Architectures Using EclipseLink Database Web Services, Release 2.4
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Using the DBWS Design Time Component

You can use the EclipseLink DBWS design-time utility DBWSBuilder to create deployment files. DBWSBuilder is a Java application that processes the operations described in an EclipseLink DBWS builder XML file to produce all the required deployment artifacts.

Be sure to set the following environment variables in the <ECLIPSELINK_HOME>\utils\dbws\setenv.cmd (or file) before invoking DBWSBuilder:

There are script files provided for invoking DBWSBuilder. They are located in the <ECLIPSELINK_HOME>\utils\dbws directory. The scripts are dbwsbuilder.cmd for Windows usage, and for other operating systems.

Example 1-12 DBWSBuilder usage

prompt > dbwsbuilder.cmd -builderFile {path_to_dbws_builder.xml} -stageDir  {path_to_stageDir}
-packageAs[:archive_flag - archive, noArchive, ignore] {packager} [additional args]
Available packagers:
    -packageAs:[default=not supported] jdev
    -packageAs:[default=archive] javase [jarFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] wls [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] glassfish [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] jboss [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] war [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=archive] was [warFilename]
    -packageAs:[default=not supported] eclipse

Using DBWSBuilder, you can generate an EclipseLink DBWS service from the following sources: