Java Persistence API (JPA) Extensions Reference for EclipseLink, Release 2.5
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Use @StructConverters to define multiple @StructConverter annotations.

Annotation Elements

Table 2-66 describes this annotation's elements.

Table 2-66 @StructConverters Annotation Elements

Annotation Element Description Default


(Required) An array of struct converter


Example 2-106 shows how to use the @StructConverters annotation to define multiple @StructConverter elements.

Example 2-106 Using @StructConverters Annotation

  @StructConverter(name="StructConverter1", converter="foo.StructConverter1"),
  @StructConverter(name="StructConverter2", converter="foo.StructConverter2")

Example 2-107 shows how to use the <struct-converters> element in the eclipselink-orm.xml file.

Example 2-107 Using <struct-converters> XML

  <struct-converter name="StructConverter1" converter="foo.StructConverter1"/>
  <struct-converter name="StructConverter2" converter="foo.StructConverter2"/>

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