Please navigate to the EMF Forms web site, as ECP is now merged into EMFForms.
See this announcement for the details.

The EMF Client Platform is a framework for building EMF-based client applications. The goal is to provide reusable, adaptable and extensible UI components to develop applications based on a given EMF model. All components can be used stand-alone and be embedded into your own application. To get started, ECP provides a demo application, which integrates all provided components. This demo application allows you to get started by only providing your EMF model.
Looking for EMF Forms please see here.

Form-Based UI (EMF Forms)
  • Editing of all existing entities and their child elements
  • Default Widgets for all existing data types
  • UI Validation
  • Extensible and adaptable
  • UI can be expressed model-based
  • Exchangable renderers (SWT, JavaFX, Web, ...)
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One-Click Application
  • Demo application including all components
  • Enables quick prototyping
  • No additional coding or code generation
  • Requires only an EMF Model
  • Launch your application in less than one minute
  • Robust against data/model evolution
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Tree Master Detail Component
  • Displays all entities in a hierarchy
  • Allows to create, move and delete entities
  • Works out-of-the-box
  • Iteratively Customizable
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Generic Editor
  • Pre-configured, resource based persistence layer
  • Pre-configured, error marker support
  • Usable as RCP Component
  • Highly adaptable
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Extensibility and Adaptability
  • Many points for customization
  • Iterativ adaptations
  • Shippable application at any time
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Reusable Components
  • Highly modular architecture
  • Avoid unwanted dependencies
  • Re-Use single components
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