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I thought Equinox was a Technology project?
It was. And a successful one at that. Its main output, an implementation of the OSGi framework specification, has become so popular and interesting that we decided to move Equinox to be an Eclipse project and have it host an OSGi community at For details on the transition, why, when, how, ... see the transition proposal.
I thought Equinox was a wig. What's up with that?
While quite a number of the Equinox committers are folliclly-challenged, we agreed from the outset that wigs were not the correct design choice. The naming here is purely coincidence.
What is Phase 2 of Equinox?
The first main thrust of Equinox was to produce a new runtime for Eclipse. That first phase was completed with the release of Eclipse 3.0. Phase 2 collectively refers to the work in Equinox which started after Eclipse 3.0 was released (June 2004) and continues on today in the incubator.
What is the relationship between Equinox and the Eclipse Platform project?
They are siblings under the Eclipse PMC. Equinox produces, among other things, the OSGi framework implementation used by the Platform (and all other Eclipse-based work) as a component model.
Is there still innovation and research going on in Equinox?
Yes! The original mandate of the Equinox project was to investigate and prototype new runtime technologies. That mission continues today in the Equinox incubator component.
Who can/should participate in Equinox?
Equinox needs people who:
  • are interested in OSGi specifications and their implementation
  • have ideas relating to Java modularity and componentized systems
  • have real requirements to run OSGi in scenarios which depart from the standard OSGi scenarios
  • have a strong desire to dig into the Eclipse runtime model
  • are willing and able to contribute production quality code
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