Equinox Aspects 1.0 M5 - New and Noteworthy

These days the Equinox Aspects incubator project is mostly working on improving stability and reliability. Aside of that we are investigating and discussing ways to make Equinox Aspects easier to use and more suitable for settings like AJDT or SpringIDE. Many many thanks to Andrew Eisenberg and Andy Clement for the discussions, ideas and contributions. The goal for M6 will be to mostly work on these items.

Screencast Gerd Wütherich created an introductory screencast on how to getting started with Equinox Aspects. Special thanks to Gerd for this contribution!

Bugfixing We fixed these bugs in M5:
  • fixed: exception thrown at startup (bug 261089), contribution by Andrew Eisenberg

The above features are just the ones that are new since the previous milestone build. Summaries for earlier 1.0 milestone builds: