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Equinox Incubator - OSGi Next

Mission Statement

This incubator project is targeted at implementing prototypes of the specifications developed by the OSGi Alliance while the specification is being developed. Typically the development cycle for the OSGi specification do not align with the Eclipse yearly release train. In many cases it is not feasible to develop prototypes for the next OSGi specifications in current release stream of Eclipse.

This work area will allow others to join in on the investigations for future OSGi implementations without the risk of destablizing the current Eclipse release. The goal of the work area is to provide a stable implementation of future OSGi specifications by the time the specifications goes final and public. Once this happens then the implementation can be considered for graduation into some future release of Eclipse.

To begin with, this work area will be used to implement the next release of the OSGi Framework specification, but other future OSGi specifications could also be contributed. This will allow Equinox to provide reference implementations to OSGi without effecting the current Eclipse release.

Working With the OSGi Next Incubator

The OSGi Next incubator uses the main incubator resources with the following refinements.

Bugs Summaries start with [osgi-next]
CVS See the projects in the "osgi-next" folder of the normal Equinox Incubator CVS repository.


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