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Equinox Incubator - Provisioning

Mission Statement

The Equinox Incubator p2 component was the original incubator for the Equinox p2 project. This p2 incubator is now used as an area for experiments and investigation that is related to p2 but not sufficiently mature to reside in or ship with the p2 project proper. This is also used as an area where new committers can be added quickly if they are interested in investigating p2-related technology but haven't earned or are not interested in commit rights on the p2 project itself.

See the incubator proposal and the overview for additional detail about the original p2 incubator work.

The bulk of the current information on this work area is maintained in the wiki. There you will find documents discussing:

Working with p2

The p2 team uses the main Equinox resources with the following refinements.

Bugs Bugs use the p2 component, and use a variety of summary prefixes for various aspects of p2.
CVS See the projects in the p2 incubator folder of the Equinox incubator GIT repository.

Active investigators

  • Pascal Rapicault - p2 lead (IBM)
  • Andrew Niefer (IBM)
  • Daniel Leberre (Université d'Artois)
  • DJ Houghton (IBM)
  • Henrik Lindberg (Cloudsmith)
  • Ian Bull (EclipseSource)
  • Jeff McAffer (EclipseSource)
  • John Arthorne (IBM)
  • Simon Kaegi (IBM)
  • Stefan Liebig (Compeople)
  • Susan McCourt (IBM)
  • Thomas Hallgren (Cloudsmith)


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