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The Equinox project summary
The Equinox project Wiki
Talk to the people using Equinox
Mailing list
Talk to the people working on Equinox
The current and past release plans for the Equinox project
Discover the current bugs and issues in Equinox. Note that a large amount of the activity goes on in Bugzilla. You can browse the bugs or configure your Bugzilla account email preferences to watch the various Equinox inbox users listed below to monitor bug activity of interest to you.

Enter new bugs by choosing the related component and providing full details.

The Equinox code is hosted in the RT project and is available via web access or direct GIT access. For direct access, use anonymous login to the GIT repo

The Equinox work goes on in various folders as appropriate for the work being done. See the project lists in the framework, bundles and incubator components for more details.

The Equinox website itself is hosted in a CVS repository and mirrored on a conventional HTTP server every minute or so. This allows use of PHP, Flash, ... and enables versioning and diffing using Eclipse. The site is open for editing by all Equinox committers using:

:extssh:<you here>

The Equinox website is in


You can use Eclipse to check out the whole site and then edit and commit. Remember your changes will take a minute or so to be reflected in the real site.


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