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Equinox Server-side Quickstart

Equinox can be used on the server to serve up static content and to run servlets or JSPs. In each of these cases you need to setup an HTTP server and then configure it with the appropriate content. There are two basic ways of running an HTTP server in Equinox;

Follow the steps for the configuration best suited to your scenario then return here to write your bundle based web application.

Hint Embed a server in Equinox is the easiest configuration to setup and run. This will allow you to do all your development and debugging. Only when you go to production or in special circumstances will you need to embed Equinox in an existing servlet container.

Writing the server application

While Equinox can be setup to run servlets and JSPs in a variety of ways, the technique for writing the applications is the same. Use the steps outlined in Writing a bundle-based server application to create your application.

Running the server application

Once you have setup your server and written your application, consult the details for the appropriate server setup to configure and run your server.

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