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The Graphical Language Server Platform (GLSP) is an extensible client-server framework for developing modern, web-based diagram editors. The client is only responsible for rendering and user interaction, whereas the server encapsulates the language smarts of the graphical modeling language. To learn more about the architecture, concepts, and code examples for typical diagram editor scenarios, please use the table of contents on the left to navigate through the documentation pages.

➡️ A great starting point is the Overview section.

GLSP clients are implemented in TypeScript. GLSP servers can actually be implemented in any language. However, we provide two server frameworks that can be used to efficiently implement GLSP servers in Java or TypeScript. Thus, the documentations provides code examples for those two frameworks in Java and TypeScript for any server-related topics.

For more information on building and running GLSP, please also visit the GLSP GitHub page and the GLSP example repository. Also check out the additional external articles and videos about GLSP.

We are continuously working on improving this documentation. If you feel something is missing, please file an issue and open a PR at the documentation repository.

If you need more help, please have a look at our available support options.