3.7 Two Day Test Pass: JDT Core

Testing days: Monday, 2011-05-02 and Tuesday 2011-05-03
Test Build: Declared 3.7 M7/RC0 build (I20110428-0848)
Testers: Jay, Ayushman, Srikanth, Satyam and Olivier


Each new bug must state whether it is a regression compared to 3.6 or whether it is not.
If yes, then the bug must state if there is a workaround and assess the severity of the issue.


Test New Functionality added for 3.7

Test all new features that have been added during 3.7 development. This can be done by testing the features mentioned in the M1-M7 New and Noteworthy documents.

The work will be split among JDT/Core committers after Monday's call.

Bug Verification (All)

Before starting to verify a bug add a comment indicating that you are about to verify it.

Freestyle Testing (all)

Once all of the above test items are done (including those where you are listed as second tester), start with a fresh workspace and change the settings in a way you normally don't work.

Implement a little feature or tool or fix one of your favorite bugs.