Class ResourceAnnotationHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ResourceAnnotationHandler extends AnnotationIntrospector.AbstractIntrospectableAnnotationHandler
  • Field Details


      protected static final List<Class<?>> ENV_ENTRY_TYPES
  • Constructor Details

    • ResourceAnnotationHandler

      public ResourceAnnotationHandler(WebAppContext wac)
  • Method Details

    • doHandle

      public void doHandle(Class<?> clazz)
      Class level Resource annotations declare a name in the environment that will be looked up at runtime. They do not specify an injection.
      Specified by:
      doHandle in class AnnotationIntrospector.AbstractIntrospectableAnnotationHandler
    • handleClass

      public void handleClass(Class<?> clazz)
    • handleField

      public void handleField(Class<?> clazz, Field field)
    • handleMethod

      public void handleMethod(Class<?> clazz, Method method)
      Process a Resource annotation on a Method.

      This will generate a JNDI entry, and an Injection to be processed when an instance of the class is created.

      clazz - the class to process
      method - the method to process
    • supportsResourceInjection

      public boolean supportsResourceInjection(Class<?> c)
      Check if the given Class is one that the specification allows to have a Resource annotation.
      c - the class
      true if Resource annotation permitted, false otherwise
    • isEnvEntryType

      public boolean isEnvEntryType(Class<?> clazz)
      Check if the class is one of the basic java types permitted as env-entries.
      clazz - the class to check
      true if class is permitted by the spec to be an env-entry value