Class AntWebXmlConfiguration

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public class AntWebXmlConfiguration extends WebXmlConfiguration
This configuration object provides additional way to inject application properties into the configured web application. The list of classpath files, the application base directory and web.xml file could be specified in this way.
  • Constructor Details

    • AntWebXmlConfiguration

      public AntWebXmlConfiguration()
  • Method Details

    • replaces

      public Class<? extends Configuration> replaces()
      Description copied from interface: Configuration
      Get a class that this class replaces/extends. If this is added to Configurations collection that already contains a configuration of the replaced class or that reports to replace the same class, then it is replaced with this instance.
      The class this Configuration replaces/extends or null if it replaces no other configuration
    • setClassPathFiles

      public void setClassPathFiles(List classPathFiles)
    • setWebAppBaseDir

      public void setWebAppBaseDir(File webAppBaseDir)