Class ContinueProtocolHandler.ContinueListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventListener, Response.AsyncContentListener, Response.BeginListener, Response.CompleteListener, Response.ContentListener, Response.DemandedContentListener, Response.FailureListener, Response.HeaderListener, Response.HeadersListener, Response.Listener, Response.ResponseListener, Response.SuccessListener
Enclosing class:

protected class ContinueProtocolHandler.ContinueListener extends BufferingResponseListener
  • Constructor Details

    • ContinueListener

      protected ContinueListener()
  • Method Details

    • onSuccess

      public void onSuccess(Response response)
      Description copied from interface: Response.SuccessListener
      Callback method invoked when the whole response has been successfully received.
      response - the response containing the response line data and the headers
    • onFailure

      public void onFailure(Response response, Throwable failure)
      Description copied from interface: Response.FailureListener
      Callback method invoked when the response has failed in the process of being received
      response - the response containing data up to the point the failure happened
      failure - the failure happened
    • onComplete

      public void onComplete(Result result)
      Description copied from interface: Response.CompleteListener
      Callback method invoked when the request and the response have been processed, either successfully or not.

      The result parameter contains the request, the response, and eventual failures.

      Requests may complete after response, for example in case of big uploads that are discarded or read asynchronously by the server. This method is always invoked after Response.SuccessListener.onSuccess(Response) or Response.FailureListener.onFailure(Response, Throwable), and only when request indicates that it is completed.

      Specified by:
      onComplete in interface Response.CompleteListener
      Specified by:
      onComplete in interface Response.Listener
      Specified by:
      onComplete in class BufferingResponseListener
      result - the result of the request / response exchange