Class HttpClientTransportOverHTTP

All Implemented Interfaces:
HttpClientTransport, ClientConnectionFactory, Container, Destroyable, Dumpable, Dumpable.DumpableContainer, LifeCycle

@ManagedObject("The HTTP/1.1 client transport") public class HttpClientTransportOverHTTP extends AbstractConnectorHttpClientTransport
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  • Constructor Details

    • HttpClientTransportOverHTTP

      public HttpClientTransportOverHTTP()
    • HttpClientTransportOverHTTP

      public HttpClientTransportOverHTTP(int selectors)
    • HttpClientTransportOverHTTP

      public HttpClientTransportOverHTTP(ClientConnector connector)
  • Method Details

    • newOrigin

      public Origin newOrigin(HttpRequest request)
      Description copied from interface: HttpClientTransport
      Creates a new Origin with the given request.
      request - the request that triggers the creation of the Origin
      an Origin that identifies a destination
    • newHttpDestination

      public HttpDestination newHttpDestination(Origin origin)
      Description copied from interface: HttpClientTransport
      Creates a new, transport-specific, HttpDestination object.

      HttpDestination controls the destination-connection cardinality: protocols like HTTP have 1-N cardinality, while multiplexed protocols like HTTP/2 have a 1-1 cardinality.

      origin - the destination origin
      a new, transport-specific, HttpDestination object
    • newConnection

      public Connection newConnection(EndPoint endPoint, Map<String,Object> context) throws IOException
      endPoint - the EndPoint to link the newly created connection to
      context - the context data to create the connection
      a new Connection
      IOException - if the connection cannot be created
    • getHeaderCacheSize

      @ManagedAttribute("The maximum allowed size in bytes for an HTTP header field cache") public int getHeaderCacheSize()
    • setHeaderCacheSize

      public void setHeaderCacheSize(int headerCacheSize)
    • isHeaderCacheCaseSensitive

      @ManagedAttribute("Whether the header field cache is case sensitive") public boolean isHeaderCacheCaseSensitive()
    • setHeaderCacheCaseSensitive

      public void setHeaderCacheCaseSensitive(boolean headerCacheCaseSensitive)