Class ScanTargetPattern


public class ScanTargetPattern extends Object
ScanTargetPattern Utility class to provide the ability for the mvn jetty:run mojo to be able to specify filesets of extra files to regularly scan for changes in order to redeploy the webapp. For example: <scanTargetPattern> <directory>/some/place</directory> <includes> <include>some ant pattern here </include> <include>some ant pattern here </include> </includes> <excludes> <exclude>some ant pattern here </exclude> <exclude>some ant pattern here </exclude> </excludes> </scanTargetPattern>
  • Constructor Details

    • ScanTargetPattern

      public ScanTargetPattern()
  • Method Details

    • getDirectory

      public File getDirectory()
      the _directory
    • setDirectory

      public void setDirectory(File directory)
      directory - the directory to set
    • setIncludes

      public void setIncludes(List<String> includes)
    • setExcludes

      public void setExcludes(List<String> excludes)
    • getIncludes

      public List<String> getIncludes()
    • getExcludes

      public List<String> getExcludes()
    • configureIncludesExcludeSet

      public void configureIncludesExcludeSet(IncludeExcludeSet<PathMatcher,Path> includesExcludes)