Interface Authenticator.AuthConfiguration

All Known Implementing Classes:
ConstraintSecurityHandler, OpenIdAuthConfiguration, SecurityHandler, WrappedAuthConfiguration
Enclosing interface:

public static interface Authenticator.AuthConfiguration
Authenticator Configuration
  • Method Details

    • getAuthMethod

      String getAuthMethod()
    • getRealmName

      String getRealmName()
    • getInitParameter

      String getInitParameter(String param)
      Get a SecurityHandler init parameter
      param - parameter name
      Parameter value or null
      See Also:
    • getInitParameterNames

      Set<String> getInitParameterNames()
      Get a SecurityHandler init parameter names
      Set of parameter names
      See Also:
    • getLoginService

      LoginService getLoginService()
    • getIdentityService

      IdentityService getIdentityService()
    • isSessionRenewedOnAuthentication

      boolean isSessionRenewedOnAuthentication()
      Should session ID be renewed on authentication.
      true if the session ID should be renewed on authentication
    • getSessionMaxInactiveIntervalOnAuthentication

      int getSessionMaxInactiveIntervalOnAuthentication()
      Get the interval in seconds, which if non-zero, will be set with HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(int) when a session is newly authenticated
      An interval in seconds; or 0 to not set the interval on authentication; or a negative number to make the session never timeout after authentication.