Interface Authentication

All Known Subinterfaces:
Authentication.Challenge, Authentication.Deferred, Authentication.Failure, Authentication.LoginAuthentication, Authentication.LogoutAuthentication, Authentication.NonAuthenticated, Authentication.ResponseSent, Authentication.SendSuccess, Authentication.User, Authentication.Wrapped
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractUserAuthentication, DeferredAuthentication, FormAuthenticator.FormAuthentication, LoggedOutAuthentication, OpenIdAuthenticator.OpenIdAuthentication, SessionAuthentication, UserAuthentication

public interface Authentication
The Authentication state of a request.

The Authentication state can be one of several sub-types that reflects where the request is in the many different authentication cycles. Authentication might not yet be checked or it might be checked and failed, checked and deferred or succeeded.

  • Field Details


      static final Authentication UNAUTHENTICATED
      Unauthenticated state.

      This convenience instance is for non mandatory authentication where credentials have been presented and checked, but failed authentication.


      static final Authentication NOT_CHECKED
      Authentication not checked

      This convenience instance us for non mandatory authentication when no credentials are present to be checked.


      static final Authentication SEND_CONTINUE
      Authentication challenge sent.

      This convenience instance is for when an authentication challenge has been sent.


      static final Authentication SEND_FAILURE
      Authentication failure sent.

      This convenience instance is for when an authentication failure has been sent.


      static final Authentication SEND_SUCCESS