Interface Handler

All Superinterfaces:
Destroyable, LifeCycle
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractHandler, AbstractHandler.ErrorDispatchHandler, AbstractHandlerContainer, AntWebAppContext, AntWebAppContext.AntServletHandler, AsyncDelayHandler, BufferedResponseHandler, ConnectHandler, ConstraintSecurityHandler, ContextHandler, ContextHandlerCollection, DebugHandler, DefaultHandler, ErrorHandler, ErrorPageErrorHandler, FileBufferedResponseHandler, GzipHandler, HandlerCollection, HandlerList, HandlerWrapper, HotSwapHandler, HttpSpiContextHandler, IdleTimeoutHandler, InetAccessHandler, MovedContextHandler, RequestLogHandler, ResourceHandler, RewriteHandler, ScopedHandler, SecuredRedirectHandler, SecurityHandler, Server, ServletContextHandler, ServletHandler, SessionHandler, ShutdownHandler, StatisticsHandler, ThreadLimitHandler, WebAppContext, WebSocketUpgradeHandler

@ManagedObject("Jetty Handler") public interface Handler extends LifeCycle, Destroyable
A Jetty Server Handler.

A Handler instance is required by a Server to handle incoming HTTP requests.

A Handler may:

  • Completely generate the HTTP Response
  • Examine/modify the request and call another Handler (see HandlerWrapper).
  • Pass the request to one or more other Handlers (see HandlerCollection).
Handlers are passed the servlet API request and response object, but are not Servlets. The servlet container is implemented by handlers for context, security, session and servlet that modify the request object before passing it to the next stage of handling.