Class ServletPathMapping

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public class ServletPathMapping extends Object implements javax.servlet.http.HttpServletMapping
Implementation of HttpServletMapping. Represents the application of a ServletPathSpec to a specific path that resulted in a mapping to a Servlet. As well as supporting the standard HttpServletMapping methods, this class also carries fields, which can be precomputed for the implementation of HttpServletRequest.getServletPath() and HttpServletRequest.getPathInfo()
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    • getMatchValue

      public String getMatchValue()
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      getMatchValue in interface javax.servlet.http.HttpServletMapping
    • getPattern

      public String getPattern()
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      getPattern in interface javax.servlet.http.HttpServletMapping
    • getServletName

      public String getServletName()
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      getServletName in interface javax.servlet.http.HttpServletMapping
    • getMappingMatch

      public javax.servlet.http.MappingMatch getMappingMatch()
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      getMappingMatch in interface javax.servlet.http.HttpServletMapping
    • getServletPath

      public String getServletPath()
    • getPathInfo

      public String getPathInfo()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object