Interface ExtensionConfig

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public interface ExtensionConfig
Represents an Extension Configuration, as seen during the connection Handshake process.
  • Method Details

    • parse

      static ExtensionConfig parse(String parameterizedName)
    • getName

      String getName()
    • getParameter

      int getParameter(String key, int defValue)
    • getParameter

      String getParameter(String key, String defValue)
    • getParameterizedName

      String getParameterizedName()
    • getParameterKeys

      Set<String> getParameterKeys()
    • getParameters

      Map<String,String> getParameters()
      Return parameters found in request URI.
      the parameter map
    • setParameter

      void setParameter(String key)
    • setParameter

      void setParameter(String key, int value)
    • setParameter

      void setParameter(String key, String value)