Interface WebSocketConnectionListener

All Known Subinterfaces:
WebSocketFrameListener, WebSocketListener, WebSocketPartialListener, WebSocketPingPongListener
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface WebSocketConnectionListener
Core WebSocket Connection Listener
  • Method Details

    • onWebSocketClose

      default void onWebSocketClose(int statusCode, String reason)
      A Close Event was received.

      The underlying Connection will be considered closed at this point.

      statusCode - the close status code. (See StatusCode)
      reason - the optional reason for the close.
    • onWebSocketConnect

      default void onWebSocketConnect(Session session)
      A WebSocket Session has connected successfully and is ready to be used.

      Note: It is a good idea to track this session as a field in your object so that you can write messages back via the RemoteEndpoint

      session - the websocket session.
    • onWebSocketError

      default void onWebSocketError(Throwable cause)
      A WebSocket exception has occurred.

      This is a way for the internal implementation to notify of exceptions occured during the processing of websocket.

      Usually this occurs from bad / malformed incoming packets. (example: bad UTF8 data, frames that are too big, violations of the spec)

      This will result in the Session being closed by the implementing side.

      cause - the error that occurred.