Class AntMetaInfConfiguration

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public class AntMetaInfConfiguration extends MetaInfConfiguration
  • Constructor Details

    • AntMetaInfConfiguration

      public AntMetaInfConfiguration()
  • Method Details

    • replaces

      public Class<? extends Configuration> replaces()
      Description copied from interface: Configuration
      Get a class that this class replaces/extends. If this is added to Configurations collection that already contains a configuration of the replaced class or that reports to replace the same class, then it is replaced with this instance.
      The class this Configuration replaces/extends or null if it replaces no other configuration
    • findAndFilterContainerPaths

      public void findAndFilterContainerPaths(WebAppContext context) throws Exception
      Description copied from class: MetaInfConfiguration
      Find jars and directories that are on the container's classpath and apply an optional filter. The filter is a pattern applied to the full jar or directory names. If there is no pattern, then no jar or dir is considered to match. Those jars that do match will be later examined for META-INF information and annotations. To find them, examine the classloaders in the hierarchy above the webapp classloader that are URLClassLoaders. For jdk-9 we also look at the java.class.path, and the jdk.module.path.
      findAndFilterContainerPaths in class MetaInfConfiguration
      context - the WebAppContext being deployed
    • getAllContainerJars

      protected List<URI> getAllContainerJars(WebAppContext context) throws URISyntaxException
      getAllContainerJars in class MetaInfConfiguration