Class OutputStreamContentProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable, Iterable<ByteBuffer>, ContentProvider, AsyncContentProvider, Callback, Invocable

@Deprecated public class OutputStreamContentProvider extends Object implements AsyncContentProvider, Callback, Closeable
A ContentProvider that provides content asynchronously through an OutputStream similar to DeferredContentProvider.

OutputStreamContentProvider can only be used in conjunction with Request.send(Response.CompleteListener) (and not with its blocking counterpart Request.send()) because it provides content asynchronously.

The deferred content is provided once by writing to the output stream and then fully consumed. Invocations to the iterator() method after the first will return an "empty" iterator because the stream has been consumed on the first invocation. However, it is possible for subclasses to support multiple invocations of iterator() by overriding write(ByteBuffer) and close(), copying the bytes and making them available for subsequent invocations.

Content must be provided by writing to the output stream, that must be closed when all content has been provided.

Example usage:

 HttpClient httpClient = ...;

 // Use try-with-resources to autoclose the output stream
 OutputStreamContentProvider content = new OutputStreamContentProvider();
 try (OutputStream output = content.getOutputStream())
     httpClient.newRequest("localhost", 8080)
             .send(new Response.CompleteListener()
                 public void onComplete(Result result)
                     // Your logic here

     // At a later time...
     output.write("some content".getBytes());