Class ContentParser

Direct Known Subclasses:
BeginRequestContentParser, EndRequestContentParser, ParamsContentParser, StreamContentParser

public abstract class ContentParser extends Object

Parser for FastCGI frame content.

Depending on the frame type specified in the FastCGI frame header, the FastCGI frame content has different formats and it is parsed by different implementation of this abstract class.

There are these frame content types:

  • BEGIN_REQUEST, to signal the begin of the request
  • PARAMS, key/value pairs
  • STDIN, the request body, handled as a stream
  • STDOUT, the response body, handled as a stream
  • STDERR, the response error, handled as a stream
  • END_REQUEST, to signal the end of the response
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  • Constructor Details

    • ContentParser

      protected ContentParser(HeaderParser headerParser)
  • Method Details

    • parse

      public abstract ContentParser.Result parse(ByteBuffer buffer)

      Parses the bytes in the given buffer as FastCGI frame content bytes.

      buffer - the bytes to parse
      the result of the parsing
    • noContent

      public boolean noContent()

      Invoked by the Parser when the frame content length is zero.

      whether the parsing should stop
    • getRequest

      protected int getRequest()
    • getContentLength

      protected int getContentLength()