Class MatchedResource<E>

Type Parameters:
E - the type of resource (IncludeExclude uses boolean, WebSocket uses endpoint/endpoint config, servlet uses ServletHolder, etc)

public class MatchedResource<E> extends Object
The match details when using PathMappings.getMatched(String), used to minimize return to the PathSpec or PathMappings for subsequent details that are now provided by the MatchedPath instance.
  • Constructor Details

    • MatchedResource

      public MatchedResource(E resource, PathSpec pathSpec, MatchedPath matchedPath)
  • Method Details

    • of

      public static <E> MatchedResource<E> of(Map.Entry<PathSpec,E> mapping, MatchedPath matchedPath)
    • getMatchedPath

      public MatchedPath getMatchedPath()
    • getPathSpec

      public PathSpec getPathSpec()
    • getResource

      public E getResource()
    • getPathMatch

      public String getPathMatch()
      Return the portion of the path that matches a path spec.
      the path name portion of the match.
    • getPathInfo

      public String getPathInfo()
      Return the portion of the path that is after the path spec.
      the path info portion of the match, or null if there is no portion after the getPathMatch()