Class HeaderParser


public class HeaderParser extends Object

The parser for the frame header of HTTP/2 frames.

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  • Constructor Details

    • HeaderParser

      public HeaderParser(RateControl rateControl)
  • Method Details

    • getRateControl

      public RateControl getRateControl()
    • reset

      protected void reset()
    • parse

      public boolean parse(ByteBuffer buffer)

      Parses the header bytes in the given buffer; only the header bytes are consumed, therefore when this method returns, the buffer may contain unconsumed bytes.

      buffer - the buffer to parse
      true if the whole header bytes were parsed, false if not enough header bytes were present in the buffer
    • getLength

      public int getLength()
    • getFrameType

      public int getFrameType()
    • hasFlag

      public boolean hasFlag(int bit)

      Returns whether the given header flag is present.

      bit - the flag to test for presence
      whether the flag is present
    • getFlags

      public int getFlags()

      Returns the raw value of the header flag bits.

      Use hasFlag(int) to test for flag presence. This method should be used just to retrieve the raw value of all the flag bits.

      the raw value of the headers flag bits
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    • getStreamId

      public int getStreamId()
    • toString

      public String toString()
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