Class MappedByteBufferPool.Tagged

All Implemented Interfaces:
ByteBufferPool, Dumpable
Enclosing class:

public static class MappedByteBufferPool.Tagged extends MappedByteBufferPool
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  • Constructor Details

    • Tagged

      public Tagged()
  • Method Details

    • newByteBuffer

      public ByteBuffer newByteBuffer(int capacity, boolean direct)
      Description copied from interface: ByteBufferPool

      Creates a new ByteBuffer of the given capacity and the given directness.

      capacity - the ByteBuffer capacity
      direct - the ByteBuffer directness
      a newly allocated ByteBuffer
    • asRetainableByteBufferPool

      public RetainableByteBufferPool asRetainableByteBufferPool()
      Description copied from interface: ByteBufferPool
      Get this pool as a RetainableByteBufferPool, which supports reference counting of the buffers and possibly a more efficient lookup mechanism based on the Pool class.
      Specified by:
      asRetainableByteBufferPool in interface ByteBufferPool
      This pool as a RetainableByteBufferPool. The same instance is always returned by multiple calls to this method.
    • getCapacityFactor

      protected int getCapacityFactor()
    • getMaxCapacity

      protected int getMaxCapacity()
    • getMaxBucketSize

      protected int getMaxBucketSize()
    • decrementMemory

      @Deprecated protected void decrementMemory(ByteBuffer buffer)
    • incrementMemory

      @Deprecated protected void incrementMemory(ByteBuffer buffer)
    • releaseExcessMemory

      protected void releaseExcessMemory(boolean direct, Consumer<Boolean> clearFn)
    • getDirectMemory

      @ManagedAttribute("The bytes retained by direct ByteBuffers") public long getDirectMemory()
    • getHeapMemory

      @ManagedAttribute("The bytes retained by heap ByteBuffers") public long getHeapMemory()
    • getMaxDirectMemory

      @ManagedAttribute("The max num of bytes that can be retained from direct ByteBuffers") public long getMaxDirectMemory()
    • getMaxHeapMemory

      @ManagedAttribute("The max num of bytes that can be retained from heap ByteBuffers") public long getMaxHeapMemory()
    • getMemory

      public long getMemory(boolean direct)