Interface SelectorManager.AcceptListener

All Superinterfaces:
EventListener, SelectorManager.SelectorManagerListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
AcceptRateLimit, ConnectionLimit
Enclosing class:

public static interface SelectorManager.AcceptListener extends SelectorManager.SelectorManagerListener

A listener for accept events.

This listener is called from either the selector or acceptor thread and implementations must be non blocking and fast.

  • Method Details

    • onAccepting

      default void onAccepting(SelectableChannel channel)
      Called immediately after a new SelectableChannel is accepted, but before it has been submitted to the SelectorManager.
      channel - the accepted channel
    • onAcceptFailed

      default void onAcceptFailed(SelectableChannel channel, Throwable cause)
      Called if the processing of the accepted channel fails prior to calling onAccepted(SelectableChannel).
      channel - the accepted channel
      cause - the cause of the failure
    • onAccepted

      default void onAccepted(SelectableChannel channel)
      Called after the accepted channel has been allocated an EndPoint and associated Connection, and after the onOpen notifications have been called on both endPoint and connection.
      channel - the accepted channel