Class DefaultJettyAtJettyHomeHelper


public class DefaultJettyAtJettyHomeHelper extends Object

Creates a default instance of Jetty, based on the values of the System properties "jetty.home" or "jetty.home.bundle", one of which must be specified in order to create the default instance.

Called by the JettyBootstrapActivator during the starting of the bundle.

  • Field Details


      public static final String JETTY_ETC_FILES
      contains a comma separated list of paths to the etc/jetty-*.xml files
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      public static final String DEFAULT_JETTY_ETC_FILES
      Set of config files to apply to a jetty Server instance if none are supplied by SYS_PROP_JETTY_ETC_FILES
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      public static final String DEFAULT_JETTYHOME
      Default location within bundle of a jetty home dir.
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  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultJettyAtJettyHomeHelper

      public DefaultJettyAtJettyHomeHelper()
  • Method Details

    • startJettyAtJettyHome

      public static Server startJettyAtJettyHome(org.osgi.framework.BundleContext bundleContext) throws Exception
      Called by the JettyBootStrapActivator. If the system property jetty.home is defined and points to a folder, creates a corresponding jetty server.

      If the system property jetty.home.bundle is defined and points to a bundle, look for the configuration of jetty inside that bundle.

      In both cases reads the system property 'jetty.etc.config.urls' to locate the configuration files for the deployed jetty. It is a comma separated list of URLs or relative paths inside the bundle or folder to the config files.

      In both cases the system properties, jetty.http.port and jetty.ssl.port are passed to the configuration files that might use them as part of their properties.

      bundleContext - the bundle context
      the configured server
      Exception - if unable to create / configure / or start the server
    • findDir

      public static Resource findDir(org.osgi.framework.Bundle bundle, String dir)
      Get a resource representing a directory inside a bundle. If the dir is null, return a resource representing the installation location of the bundle.
      bundle - the bundle
      dir - the directory
      the resource found