Class ConnectHandler.UpstreamConnection

All Implemented Interfaces:
jakarta.servlet.AsyncListener, Closeable, AutoCloseable, EventListener, Connection
Enclosing class:

public class ConnectHandler.UpstreamConnection extends ProxyConnection implements jakarta.servlet.AsyncListener
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  • Method Details

    • onOpen

      public void onOpen()
      Description copied from interface: Connection

      Callback method invoked when this connection is opened.

      Creators of the connection implementation are responsible for calling this method.

      Specified by:
      onOpen in interface Connection
      onOpen in class AbstractConnection
    • read

      protected int read(EndPoint endPoint, ByteBuffer buffer) throws IOException
      Specified by:
      read in class ProxyConnection
    • write

      protected void write(EndPoint endPoint, ByteBuffer buffer, Callback callback)
      Specified by:
      write in class ProxyConnection
    • onComplete

      public void onComplete(jakarta.servlet.AsyncEvent event)
      Specified by:
      onComplete in interface jakarta.servlet.AsyncListener
    • onTimeout

      public void onTimeout(jakarta.servlet.AsyncEvent event)
      Specified by:
      onTimeout in interface jakarta.servlet.AsyncListener
    • onError

      public void onError(jakarta.servlet.AsyncEvent event)
      Specified by:
      onError in interface jakarta.servlet.AsyncListener
    • onStartAsync

      public void onStartAsync(jakarta.servlet.AsyncEvent event)
      Specified by:
      onStartAsync in interface jakarta.servlet.AsyncListener