Class Cookies

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public class Cookies extends Object implements CookieParser.Handler
Cookie parser

Optimized stateful cookie parser. Cookies fields are added with the addCookieField(String) method and parsed on the next subsequent call to getCookies(). If the added fields are identical to those last added (as strings), then the cookies are not re parsed.

  • Field Details

    • LOG

      protected static final org.slf4j.Logger LOG
    • _rawFields

      protected final List<String> _rawFields
    • _cookieList

      protected final List<jakarta.servlet.http.Cookie> _cookieList
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • addCookieField

      public void addCookieField(String rawField)
    • getCookies

      public jakarta.servlet.http.Cookie[] getCookies()
    • setCookies

      public void setCookies(jakarta.servlet.http.Cookie[] cookies)
    • reset

      public void reset()
    • addCookie

      public void addCookie(String name, String value, int version, String domain, String path, String comment)
      Specified by:
      addCookie in interface CookieParser.Handler