Package org.eclipse.jetty.util.preventers

package org.eclipse.jetty.util.preventers
Jetty Util : Common Memory Leak Prevention Tooling
  • Classes
    AbstractLeakPreventer Abstract base class for code that seeks to avoid pinning of webapp classloaders by using the jetty classloader to proactively call the code that pins them (generally pinned as static data members, or as static data members that are daemon threads (which use the context classloader)).
    AppContextLeakPreventer Cause the classloader that is pinned by AppContext.getAppContext() to be a container or system classloader, not a webapp classloader.
    AWTLeakPreventer See The java.awt.Toolkit class has a static field that is the default toolkit.
    DriverManagerLeakPreventer Cause DriverManager.getCallerClassLoader() to be called, which will pin the classloader.