Uses of Class

Packages that use Resource
Jetty Annotations : Support for Servlet Annotations
Jetty Deploy : Webapp Deploy Management
Jetty Deploy : Webapp Deployment Providers
Jetty Http : Tools for Http processing
Jetty Plus : Limited Additional JEE Webapp Support
Jetty Runner : Embedded Jetty Tool for running webapps directly
Jetty Security : Modular Support for Security in Jetty
Jetty Server : Core Server API
Jetty Server : Core Handler API
Jetty Server : Modular Servlet Integration
Jetty Util : Common Utility Classes
Jetty Util : Common Resource Utilities
Jetty Util : Common Security Utilities
Jetty Util : Common SSL Utility Classes
Jetty Util : Modular Web Application Support
Jetty Xml : IoC Mechanism for Jetty Configuration