Interface AppLifeCycle.Binding

All Known Implementing Classes:
DebugBinding, OrderedGroupBinding, OSGiDeployer, OSGiUndeployer, StandardDeployer, StandardStarter, StandardStopper, StandardUndeployer
Enclosing class:

public static interface AppLifeCycle.Binding
  • Method Details

    • getBindingTargets

      String[] getBindingTargets()
      Get a list of targets that this implementation should bind to.
      the array of String node names to bind to. (use "*" to bind to all known node names)
    • processBinding

      void processBinding(Node node, App app) throws Exception
      Event called to process a AppLifeCycle binding.
      node - the node being processed
      app - the app being processed
      Exception - if any problem severe enough to halt the AppLifeCycle processing