Class ObjectMBean

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractConnectorMBean, ConnectionStatisticsMBean, DeploymentManagerMBean, FilterMappingMBean, Handler.AbstractMBean, HolderMBean, HttpClientMBean, ServletMappingMBean

public class ObjectMBean extends Object implements DynamicMBean

A dynamic MBean that can wrap an arbitrary Object instance.

The attributes and operations exposed by this bean are controlled by the merge of annotations discovered in all superclasses and all superinterfaces.

Given class com.acme.Foo, then com.acme.jmx.FooMBean is searched; if found, it is instantiated with the com.acme.Foo instance passed to the constructor.

Class com.acme.jmx.FooMBean can then override the default behavior of ObjectMBean and provide a custom ObjectName, or custom ObjectName properties name and context, etc.