Interface ConnectionFactory

All Known Subinterfaces:
ConnectionFactory.Configuring, ConnectionFactory.Detecting, ConnectionFactory.Upgrading
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractConnectionFactory, AbstractHTTP2ServerConnectionFactory, AbstractHTTP3ServerConnectionFactory, ALPNServerConnectionFactory, DetectorConnectionFactory, HTTP2CServerConnectionFactory, HTTP2ServerConnectionFactory, HTTP3ServerConnectionFactory, HttpConnectionFactory, NegotiatingServerConnectionFactory, OptionalSslConnectionFactory, ProxyConnectionFactory, QuicServerConnectionFactory, RawHTTP2ServerConnectionFactory, RawHTTP3ServerConnectionFactory, ServerFCGIConnectionFactory, SslConnectionFactory

public interface ConnectionFactory
A Factory to create Connection instances for Connectors.

A Connection factory is responsible for instantiating and configuring a Connection instance to handle an EndPoint accepted by a Connector.

A ConnectionFactory has a protocol name that represents the protocol of the Connections created. Example of protocol names include:

Creates an HTTP connection that can handle multiple versions of HTTP from 0.9 to 1.1
Creates an HTTP/2 connection that handles the HTTP/2 protocol
Create an SSL connection chained to a connection obtained from a connection factory with a protocol "XYZ".
Create an SSL connection chained to an HTTP connection (aka https)
Create an SSL connection chained to a ALPN connection, that uses a negotiation with the client to determine the next protocol.
  • Method Details

    • getProtocol

      String getProtocol()
      A string representing the primary protocol name.
    • getProtocols

      List<String> getProtocols()
      A list of alternative protocol names/versions including the primary protocol.
    • newConnection

      Connection newConnection(Connector connector, EndPoint endPoint)

      Creates a new Connection with the given parameters

      connector - The Connector creating this connection
      endPoint - the EndPoint associated with the connection
      a new Connection