Interface IncomingFrames

All Known Subinterfaces:
CoreSession, Extension, FrameHandler
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractExtension, CoreSession.Empty, ExtensionStack, FragmentExtension, FrameCaptureExtension, IdentityExtension, JakartaWebSocketFrameHandler, JettyWebSocketFrameHandler, MessageHandler, PerMessageDeflateExtension, ValidationExtension, WebSocketCoreSession

public interface IncomingFrames
Interface for dealing with Incoming Frames.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    onFrame(Frame frame, Callback callback)
    Process the incoming frame.
  • Method Details

    • onFrame

      void onFrame(Frame frame, Callback callback)

      Process the incoming frame.

      Note: if you need to hang onto any information from the frame, be sure to copy it, as the information contained in the Frame will be released and/or reused by the implementation.

      Failure of the callback will propagate the failure back to the CoreSession to fail the connection and attempt to send a close Frame if one has not been sent.

      frame - the frame to process.
      callback - the read completion.