Eclipse Kanto

Essential IoT enablement for edge devices

cloud connectivity | local communication | software update | container management

Eclipse Kanto

Eclipse Kanto™ is a modular IoT edge software that enables devices for IoT with all essentials like cloud connectivity, digital twins, local communication, container management, and software updates - all configurable and remotely manageable by an IoT cloud ecosystem of choice.



Run Eclipse Kanto on various constrained edge devices with ranging hardware capabilities to scale hardware and enable a seamlessly integrated and harmonized IoT edge landscape.


Develop edge applications by using most fit-for-purpose languages, reliably deploy and manage them as containers leveraging cloud-native technology at the edge.


Connect devices to most fit-for-purpose IoT cloud ecosystems to manage devices and device data remotely with minimum customization and prototype quickly.


Choose and combine Eclipse Kanto’s reusable, configurable and interoperable building blocks to bring the right IoT edge capabilities depending on the hardware and use case.


Eclipse Kanto is based on lightweight native components, open protocols and standard containers that ensure availability on hardware, minimum integration work, reduced complexity and scalable edge applications.

Eclipse Kanto Architecture