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Release Resolved Community Contributions
16 Feb 2012
3 bugs This was a minor bug-fix-only release that fixed a few minor bugs and added p2 data to handle the rename of certain features during the Indigo release cycle.
20 Jan 2012
4 bugs This was a minor bug-fix-only release that included p2.inf files for all features and moved the dataviewer classes into a separate feature from the profiling common feature.
2 Nov 2011
58 bugs [LTTng] Thanks to Patrick Tasse who contributed most of the new trace streaming functionality, Mathieu Denis who worked on making the Statistics View more generic and Daniel Thibault who contributed by testing, commenting and providing patches. [RPM]Minoo Ziaei enhanced rpm stubby and editor while Andrew Robinson worked on command running methods. [SystemTap]Thanks to Otavio Pontes who contributed on the launch configuration attributes, graph wizard management and went gif hunting in his spare time. [Valgrind]Martin Oberhuber made target Valgrind version configurable and Rafael Medeiros Teixara made an empty view a little less lonely.

New in Linux Tools 0.9

Linux Tracing Toolkit

UML2 Sequence Diagram Framework

A new framework to generate UML2 Sequence Diagrams from traces. It provides:

  • UML2 Sequence diagram drawing capabilities (lifelines, messages, activations, object creation and deletion)
  • A generic, re-usable Sequence Diagram View
  • An Eclipse extension point for the creation of sequence diagrams
  • Callback hooks for searching and filtering within the Sequence Diagram View
  • Scalability
  • And much more... (refer to the User Guide for detailed information)

Sample SD goes here

CNF Integration

The LTTng Project View is deprecated and its functionality integrates now directly in the Eclipse Project Explorer using CNF (Common Navigator Framework).

The feature provides:

  • A generic Tracing Perspective and Nature
  • An extension point to integrate user-specific tracers
  • A Tracing Project type
  • A less Murphy-prone Trace Import Wizard
  • Support for soft links to actual traces
  • An enhanced trace selection mechanism (for experiments)
  • Integration with the Eclipse Properties View

Refer to the User Guide for detailed information.

Project Explorer View  goes here

LTTng Trace Streaming

This feature allows to connect to an LTTng instrumented node and to live stream the trace as it is generated.

The various LTTng/TMF views were adapted to seamlessly integrate trace streaming.

Refer to the User Guide for detailed information.

Enhanced Statistics View

The Statistics View was de-coupled from the LTTng kernel trace structure and made more generic so it can be used for any type of trace.

Refer to the User Guide for detailed information.

Statistics View goes here

Enhanced Histogram View

The Histogram View displays the event distribution over time for the whole trace as well as for the selected, zoomed, event window of interest. It was enhanced to provide:

  • Simplified, friendlier UI
  • Support for trace streaming

Refer to the User Guide for detailed information.

Histogram View goes here

Man Page

Cygwin/Windows fixes

Fixes for properly working with Cygwin man.

RPM Stubby

Generate better spec files

  • Rpmstubby no longer generates fetch scripts, defattr.
  • Pdebuild script is the only generated way for building eclipse-features now.
  • Maven post/postun update_maven_depmap calls are no longer generated as they are not needed anymore.
  • Use new add_maven_depmap and mvn(groupId:artifactId) virtual provides.

Initial API

Initial API has been exposed drived by the demands of Eclipse Fedorapackager plugin.

RPM .spec Editor

BuildRequires template

BuildRequires template has been added for better autocompletion

Quick outline

Quick outline has been enhanced to auto select subpackages

Multi Layout projects

RPM projects allow choosing between RPMBUILD (SPECS,SOURCES,RPMS subfolders) and FLAT (all files in same folder) project layouts. This is supported on both new project creation and srpm import.

Unit tests

Unit tests have been updated to use JUnit 4 for faster execution time.

Cancellable long running tasks

Thanks to Andrew Robinson work long running tasks(build, rpm/yum queries) can be canceled.

Valgrind Profiling

New Valgrind Error Markers

The error markers for Valgrind have been changed so they are distinct from compilation errors. The markers show up in the C/C++ editor as well as the Valgrind view. Markers in the problem's view still show as standard errors as this cannot be currently customized. In addition, it is now possible to clear all Valgrind error markers from the Valgrind view.

Valgrind Error Markers



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