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Linux Tools - System Tap Plug-in


The Linux Tools SystemTap editor plugin adds SystemTap script editing support to Eclipse. The editor includes completion, syntax highlighting, partition support and code folding.

Current Status

In conjunction with Eclipse SDK, the plugin supports:
  • Coding folding of probe points
  • Completion suggestions of probe points
  • Syntax Highlighting

Future Plans

  • Improved code folding to fold comment and functions
  • Script error detection
  • Expansion of completion to include functions, and built-in updates as System Tap updates


SystemTap editor sample

SystemTap editor in action

Try it out

Please use our update site as described here.

You can also check the project plugins out of Git directly from at git:// You will need to check out the following from systemtap subfolder:
From there, run the plugins as an Eclipse Application.

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