New and Noteworthy

Here are descriptions of some of the more interesting or significant changes made to the Memory Analyzer for the 1.4 release.

Links from Leak Hunter report

The Leak Hunter report now has links to the queries used to create the report. Clicking on the link reruns the single query allowing more detailed analysis to be performed manually.

screen shot of leak suspect details showing links

OQL improvements

OQL now allows range access to arrays and lists using the following syntax:
SELECT s.value.@valueArray[s.offset:s.offset + s.count - 1] FROM java.lang.String s
OQL also allows a greater range of expressions in select items and from items. These changes are experimental; feedback is welcome.

Improved undo for Notes View and OQL Pane

The OQL pane now has undo/redo with Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-Y. The notes view has an improved undo and indicates a dirty pane with an asterisk in the title.

Queries recognize more JDK class versions

Huge dumps

A problem with huge dumps with 231 to 232 inbound references has been fixed and they can now be parsed and opened. Still larger dumps should also be opened. Another problem opening HPROF dumps with very large arrays has been fixed.

New and Noteworthy for Memory Analyzer 1.3

The New and Noteworthy document for version 1.3 is available here.