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Model to Model Transformation (MMT)

Model-to-Model Transformation is a key aspect of Model-Driven Development (MDD).

The MMT project hosts Model-to-Model Transformation languages. Transformations are executed by transformation engines that are plugged into the Eclipse Modeling infrastructure. MMT is a subproject of the top-level Eclipse Modeling Project.

The MMT project has no releases as such, rather its sub-projects have their own releases.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseQVT Declarative

The QVT Declarative (QVTd) component is a partial implementation of the Core (QVTc) and Relations (QVTr) Languages defined by the OMG standard specification (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation.

To date the QVT Declarative component provides only editing capabilities to support the QVT Declarative Languages:

  • 0.7.0 provides QVT models and LPG based parsers
  • 0.8.0 adds IMP-based editors.
  • 0.9.0 re-engineers the models and editors to exploit Xtext and the OCL Pivot model.

Model execution is targetted for release in June 2013 with Kepler


ATL (ATL Transformation Language) is a model transformation language and toolkit. In the field of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), ATL provides ways to produce a set of target models from a set of source models.

QVT Operational

The QVT Operational component is a partial implementation of the Operational Mappings Language defined by the OMG standard specification (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation.


Some components are currently in their Validation (Incubation) Phase.


May 18th, 2012 - M2M project renamed as MMT.

Jan 15th, 2007 - ATL web site moved from GMT to MMT.

Jan 15th, 2007 - ATL recognized as a standard solution for model transformation in Eclipse.

Jan 15th, 2007 - M2M is alive.

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Modeling Corner

Want to contribute models, projects, files, ideas, utilities, or code to MDT or any other part of the Modeling Project? Now you can!

Have a look, post your comments, submit a link, or just read what others have written. Details here.

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