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Newsgroups & Mailing Lists

  • The best place for support is in the newsgroups, NOT in the mailing lists.

    If you post to the mailing list, you will most likely be told "Please post this to the newsgroup."

  • Chances are your question has already been answered in the newsgroup, and will save you time in not having to ask it again, and us in not having to answer it again. Before posting a question to the newsgroup, please browse or search the newsgroup archives online. To post a question, you will require a password first.

    Frequently asked questions in the newsgroup will ultimately end up in the FAQ (one FAQ per component). Feel free to contribute!

  • If you're not familiar with news://, you'll need a newreader first, such as Thunderbird, Mozilla, Forte Agent, or even MS Outlook. Once installed, you'll also need a password to access the newsgroups. Signup is easy: just request a password.

    After that, just point your newsreader at the eclipse news server, and subscribe to the appropriate newsgroup(s).

  • In addition, should you want to search the newsgroups for old posts, you can do so online or offline in one of several ways. Online, you can use's search capabilities. Offline, here's two options: with Mozilla or with Outlook Express.

Newsgroup Search / Browse

NNTP (news://)

Mailing Lists (for developers only)

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