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Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology (EMFT)

The Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology (EMFT) project exists to incubate new technologies that extend or complement EMF. For IP log information see the IP Log.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseJCR Management

With JCR Management (JCRM) you can back EMF with JCR implementations. This way you can combine the strength of the Eclipse modeling projects with the scalability, features and exchangeability of the JCR repositories.

You can find out more at the wiki.

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Validation (Incubation) PhaseEcore Tools

The Ecore Tools component provides a complete environment to create, edit and maintain Ecore models. This component eases handling of Ecore models with a Graphical Ecore Editor and bridges to other existing Ecore tools (Validation, Search, Compare, Emfatic, generators...). The Graphical Ecore Editor implements multi-diagram support, a custom tabbed properties view, validation feedbacks, refactoring capabilities... The long-term goal is to provide the same level of services as does JDT for Java.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseEMFatic

Emfatic is a language designed to represent EMF Ecore models in a textual form. The Emfatic project provides a feature-rich text editor for the Emfatic language, and tools for generating Ecore models from Emfatic file as well as Emfatic files from Ecore models.


This project aims at giving another way to improve the EMF model creation phase by providing new services dedicated to editing and using more appealing editing elements. The way to obtain these services and elements is based on a generative approach similar to the EMF.Edit one. The framework provides advanced editing components for the properties of EMF elements and a default generation based on standard metamodels using these components. The generic generators create a standard architecture with advanced graphical components to edit EMF model objects.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseEGF

The purpose of EGF is to provide an extensible generation framework in order to support complex, large-scale and customizable generations.


The Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE) is an extensible framework for the integration and orchestration of model processing workflows.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseEMF Index

EMF Index is an extensible framework for indexing EMF-based models and instances. It includes components for collection index data, persisting index data and querying without loading any EMF resources.


Teneo is a database persistency solution for EMF using Hibernate or EclipseLink. It supports automatic creation of EMF to Relational Mappings. EMF Objects can be stored and retrieved using advanced queries (HQL or EJB-QL).

Teneo has graduated to Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF).

Validation (Incubation) PhaseTexo

The Texo project provides annotation driven code generation for server-side web application environments. At runtime Texo supports XML/XMI persistence and runtime model access. JSON serialization and automatic JPA persistence are under development. For documentation visit the Texo wiki. To download Texo visit the Download & Install page.


CDO is both a technology for distributed shared EMF models and a fast server-based O/R mapping solution.

CDO has graduated to Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF).


Net4j is an extensible client-server system based on the Eclipse Runtime and the Spring Framework.

Net4j has graduated to Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF).

Validation (Incubation) PhaseEMF4Net

EMF4Net tries to provide a EMF core runtime for the .Net platform and a C# code generation facility. EMF4Net should enable the generation of C# code from existing Ecore models and allow to use that code in a similar way the Java code generated by EMF can be used today.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseTemporality

Old Projects

Looking for an old EMFT project? The following projects graduate as part of Ganymede:


Some components are currently in their Validation (Incubation) Phase.


Dec 16th, 2008 - The long-awaited sequel, EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework, 2nd Edition is available. Free online version with book purchase.

Jun 4th, 2008 - Teneo, CDO, and Net4j graduate to Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) as part of the Ganymede Release Review.

Jun 7th, 2007 - JET Editor has been merged into M2T-JET.

Apr 26th, 2007 - JET has moved to Model To Text (M2T).

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Modeling Corner

Want to contribute models, projects, files, ideas, utilities, or code to EMFT or any other part of the Modeling Project? Now you can!

Have a look, post your comments, submit a link, or just read what others have written. Details here.

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