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Model Development Tools (MDT)

The Model Development Tools (MDT) project focuses on big "M" modeling within the Modeling project. Its purpose is twofold:

  1. To provide an implementation of industry standard metamodels.
  2. To provide exemplary tools for developing models based on those metamodels.

The next release of MDT is tentatively scheduled for the end of June 2011 (see Indigo New & Noteworthy). For the previous release, see Helios New & Noteworthy.


The XML Schema Definition is a reference library that provides an API for use with any code that examines, creates or modifies W3C XML Schema (standalone or as part of other artifacts, such as XForms or WSDL documents).

XSD is a library that provides an API for manipulating the components of an XML Schema as described by the W3C XML Schema specifications, as well as an API for manipulating the DOM-accessible representation of XML Schema as a series of XML documents, and for keeping these representations in agreement as schemas are modified.

The library will include services to serialize and deserialize XML Schema documents, and to do integrity checking of schemas (for example, not using a maximum value for a simpleType which is invalid considering the base type of that simpleType). The project goal is to support 100% of the functionality of XML schema representation, but not necessarily to provide document against schema assessment or validation services, which are normally provided by a validating parser, such as Apache's Xerces-J.

XML Schema Definition

XML Schema Definition Model

Validation (Incubation) PhaseBPMN2

BPMN2 is an open source component of the Model Development Tools (MDT) subproject to provide a metamodel implementation based on the forthcoming Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 OMG specification.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseIMM

IMM is an open source component of the Model Development Tools (MDT) subproject to provide metamodel/profile implementations based on the forthcoming Information Management Metamodel (IMM) OMG specification.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseMoDisco

MoDisco provides a framework to develop model-driven tools for software modernization. It aims at supporting use-cases such as Quality Assurance, Documentation, Improvement and Migration.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseMST


OCL is an implementation of the Object Constraint Language (OCL) OMG standard for EMF-based models.

Validation (Incubation) PhasePapyrus

Papyrus is a component of the Model Development Tools (MDT) subproject aiming at providing an integrated, user-consumable environment for editing any kind of EMF model and particularly supporting UML and related modeling languages such as SysML and MARTE.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseSBVR

SBVR provides a metamodel implementation and sample tools based on the adopted Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR) OMG specification.


UML2 is an EMF-based implementation of the UMLTM 2.x metamodel for the Eclipse platform.

Validation (Incubation) PhaseUML2 Tools

UML2 Tools is a set of GMF-based editors for viewing and editing UML models; it is focused on (eventual) automatic generation of editors for all UML diagram types.


Some components are currently in their Validation (Incubation) Phase.


Oct 8th, 2008 - The EODM component has been terminated; see the Termination Review slides for details.

Oct 8th, 2008 - The OCL Tools component has been terminated; see the Termination Review slides for details.

Oct 1st, 2008 - Check out what's new in the Galileo M2 milestone of the OCL subcompoject.

May 13th, 2008 - A new Papyrus component has been proposed.

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Modeling Corner

Want to contribute models, projects, files, ideas, utilities, or code to MDT or any other part of the Modeling Project? Now you can!

Have a look, post your comments, submit a link, or just read what others have written. Details here.

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