Release Resolved Merged Community Contributions
April 7, 2017
Community contributions were provided by Riley Davidson, Jessie Leung, Jeffrey Miiller, Alexander Ny´┐Żen, Jomar Santos, Suzannah Smith, Patrik Suzzi, Christian Tam, Leo Ufimtsev, Qi Wang, Siyang Ye, David Yee.
Includes: Mylyn 3.22, Mylyn Builds 1.14, Mylyn Commons 3.22, Mylyn Context 3.22, Mylyn Docs 3.0, Mylyn Reviews 2.13. Mylyn Tasks 3.22, Mylyn Versions 1.14.

Also see the New & Noteworthy for previous releases

NOTE: Mylyn 3.22 requires Java 1.8 or later and supports Eclipse 4.5 and 4.6. See the download page for repository locations.

Supported Repository Versions

Connectors included in Mylyn 3.22 support the following repository versions:

New in Mylyn 3.22

Task Editor and Task List

Gravatar Images on Comments

Gravatar images are now shown for comments in the task editor if Gravatar images are enabled in the task repository settings.

Relevant Task Refresh

The active task and other relevant tasks (determined by scheduling and opened editors) are refreshed more frequently. The interval is configurable in the Tasks preferences.

Copy Commit Message

Users using version control clients that are not integrated with Eclipse can now copy the commit message that Mylyn generates to the clipboard to paste into their version control client.

Search Private Notes

The task list filter now searches in private notes when "Summary only" is unchecked. Searching can be restricted to only private notes using the notes: operator.


Hudson/Jenkins Connector

Filter Builds View

The builds view now has a text filter.

Cancel Build

Builds can be cancelled from the builds view and build editor.

Refresh Build Editor

The build editor has a refresh button to retrieve the latest information for a running build.

Show Test Results

Fixed slow performance opening test results for a build provided "Show Failures Only" has been selected in the builds view.


Gerrit Connector

Remove Reviewers

The Gerrit connector allows you to remove reviewers from a review.

Reviewers Ordering

The Gerrit connector lists reviewers in alphabetical order.