Release Resolved Merged Community Contributions
June 28, 2017
Community contributions were provided by Sopot Cela and Suzannah Smith.
Includes: Mylyn 3.23, Mylyn Builds 1.15, Mylyn Commons 3.23, Mylyn Context 3.23, Mylyn Reviews 2.14. Mylyn Tasks 3.23, Mylyn Versions 1.15.

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NOTE: Mylyn 3.23 requires Java 1.8 or later and supports Eclipse 4.6 and 4.7. See the download page for repository locations.

Supported Repository Versions

Connectors included in Mylyn 3.23 support the following repository versions:

New in Mylyn 3.23

Task-focused Search

The search view now allows you to focus results based on the active task. This will show all results in projects which are part of the active task's context.

Reply to Comment

Replying to a comment on a task now quotes only the selected part of the comment.