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Release Resolved Community Contributions
Feb 25, 2011
Sam Davis, Thomas Ehrnhoefer, Carsten Reckord and Benjamin Muskalla provided fixes.
Sep 24, 2010
Service release.
Aug 4, 2010
Julio Gesser provided a fix for sorting of the Task List and Dominika Lacka provided documentation updates.
Jun 23, 2010
Peter Stibrany contributed improvements for the handling of attachments. Flavio Donze reduced dependencies of the tasks framework. Abner Ballardo provided user interface improvements. Additional contributions were provided by Kevin Sawicki, Steve Elsemore, Andreas Hoehmann, Jacques Lescot, Benjamin Muskalla, Attila Szökrönyös and Thomas Ehrnhoefer.
Mar 31, 2010
Service release.
Feb 23, 2010
Service release.
Dec 15, 2009
Benjamin Muskalla contributed bug fixes.
Oct 26, 2009
Thomas Ehrnhoefer and Pawel Niewiadomski contributed numerous bug fixes and improvements for the JIRA connector. Additional contributions were provided by Jacek Jaroczynski, Benjamin Muskalla, Martin Kurz, David Shepherd and Emerson Murphy-Hill.

Also see the New & Noteworthy for previous releases

Updating:  If using a version prior to 2.0, upgrade to 2.0 before installing Mylyn 3.4.

New in Mylyn 3.4

Note: The Mylyn JIRA Connector has moved to Atlassian.


Changes to Time Tracking

Time Tracking Preference

Time tracking can now be turned off independently of focusing. Time tracking has always been optional and private since it required task activation and stored all tracking information in the workspace. But it was not previously possible to use focusing without active time being captured. Note that the preference is off by default, since Mylyn makes all activity tracking and automation opt-in.


Task Editor

Quick Outline

The Quick Outline can be invoked by pressing Ctrl+O in the Task Editor. It supports a filter for quick key-board navigation to related tasks, comments or other attributes.

Improved Workbench Integration for Viewing Attachments

Task attachments are now automatically downloaded and can be opened in any workbench editor.

Wildcards Support for Content Assist

Bug content assist now supports using wild cards to select matches.

Clone Task

The Task Editor supports cloning of tasks from the popup menu.

Line Highlighting

Highlighting of the current line in the Task Editor can now be controlled in the preferences for better support of inverse color themes.

Easily Add Self

You can easily insert your address to person fields within the task editor. Click the gold person button that appears within these fields to insert your user id.

Description Preview

For connectors that support editable descriptions, the description will render in preview mode by default and switch to edit mode upon clicking.

Improved Scrolling

Using the scroll wheel when hovering the description or combo fields now scrolls the editor.

Improved Date Selection

The chooser for due dates has been streamlined to support a non-modal workflow.


Task List

Incomings and Outgoings Shown in Scheduled Presentation

The scheduled presentation has been redesigned to serve the purpose of showing what's most important when working with a Task List that has a large number of incoming changes. Scheduled items will show at the top of the presentation, ensuring that tasks scheduled for Today or This Week rise above those with incoming changes on them. Below that tasks with outgoing changes, such as draft comments or Unsubmitted tasks, are shown. Incoming tasks are show below that. Finally, Unscheduled and Completed tasks are listed, ensuring that all tasks are accessible from this presentation. Be sure to try the presentation with the Focus on Workweek button enabled if you are using scheduling, as an additional key benefit is that it does not duplicate tasks, since tasks that show in a container will not reappear in a container below it.

New Presentation Switcher

The categorized and scheduled presentation can be accessed through separate buttons.

Color for Overdue Tasks Owned by Others

A new color preference to highlight overdue tasks owned by others has been added in the Color and Fonts preferences.

Synchronization Progress Shown in Task Bar

On Mac OS X and Windows 7 synchronization progress shows in the Task Bar .

New Task Action in Jump List

Tasks can be created and activated directly from the Windows 7 Task Bar.

Startup Message

A message is displayed on startup of an empty workspaces for quick access to repository creation.

Sorting by Due Date

The Task List supports sorting by due date.

Open Task on Activation

Holding Shift while clicking a task in the activation history will activate the task and open the task.

Sorting by Rank

The Task List can now be sorted based on rank if supported by the repository. The default sort is by priority, rank and then date created.

Filtering of Completed Tasks

Toggling filtering of completed tasks is now available from the Task List toolbar.


Task-Focused Interface

Template for Active Task

A templates for Java that inserts the ID of the active task can be configured in the preferences. A template for Javacoc comments named active_task is defined by default.

Improved Resource Monitoring

The preferences for resource monitoring exclusion supports ANT-sytle filter definitions for more flexible resource exclusions. Resource monitoring can now also take the modification date of files into account to filter file updates caused by background synchronizations of shared drives for instance.

Context Download

Upon activating a task, the user is now asked if they wish to download the latest context without requiring selection from a list.




WikiText content assist now supports templates that are configurable through the preferences. This is particularly useful for commonly used text in bug comments and descriptions, and for implementing standard documentation templates:

Generation of Eclipse Help

WikiText now has greatly improved integration with MediaWiki for generating Eclipse Help directly from a wiki. While it was possible to process individual pages before, now Mylyn WikiText makes it easy to process multiple wiki pages at once while automatically downloading images, maintaining page cross-references, and building a unified table of contents. More about this feature including a working sample project is available in the Crowd Sourcing Example.

Editor Font

The font for the WikiText editor can be configured in the preferences.

Markup Improvements

Strikethrough and underline are now displayed in the corresponding style. This is particularly useful for task repositories that support an editable description, where strikethrough can be used to indicate completed items in a list.

Linking to Source Files

Hyperlinks in the wiki source editor has been improved to match on filenames disregarding file extension. This improvement helps when editing wiki source files in the workspace that are used to generate to another format in a build processing step. Selecting a hyperlink opens the corresponding file in its default editor, making editing linked wiki markup source files easy.


Bugzilla Connector

Hyperlinked Comment References

The Task Editor shows references to comments as hyperlinks.

Attachment Details

The IP log flag and other attachment details can be modified from the Details item in the popup menu of the Task Editor attachment table.

Query and Search Page Layout

The layout of the Bugzilla query and search pages now collapses less frequently used options in a section.

Open Corresponding Task Shows Corresponding Comment

Open Corresponding Task in the History view now scrolls to the corresponding bug comment when a commit was made.

Bugzilla 3.6

Bugzilla 3.6 is supported.

QA Contact

The Bugzilla Search page now allows searching over the QA Contact field.


Trac Connector

Replace Existing Attachments Option

The attachment dialog provides an option to override attachments with the same name.

Trac 0.12

Trac 0.12 is supported.


C/C++ Development Tooling

CDT Bridge Moved to Mylyn

The CDT Bridge has been extended, improved and is now a part of the Mylyn project as a reference implementation for focusing, to complement the Java Bridge. Users who already have the CDT Mylyn Bridge installed can update to the latest version from the update site.

CDT Editor Code Folding

Elements in your task context will be automatically unfolded when they are interesting and uninteresting elements will be folding to reduce the amount of code overload in large files.

CDT Focused Content Assist

The top of the CDT content assist menu will have the items that are in your task context on top of the list, enabling quick selection via arrow keys.



Task Highlighters

Highlighting of tasks is no longer supported due to resource leaks in the implementation.


Framework and API

See porting guide for additional notes on API changes.

Categories in Task Repositories View

The Task Repositories view supports categorization of repositories.

Replace Existing Attachments Option

TaskAttachmentPage.setNeedsReplaceExisting(true) can be used to enable a checkbox for overriding attachments with the same name.

Commons Plug-ins Available in Separate Feature

A new feature org.eclipse.mylyn.commons has been added which includes all commons plug-ins. This feature is provided for update manager compatibility and not categorized on the update site or P2 repository. To avoid conflicts this feature must be the only including the commons plug-ins. All other features should only import all required commons plug-ins.

XML-RPC Transport

The org.eclipse.mylyn.xmlrpc provides a generic XML-RPC transport layer.

Dependency on Optional

Search related functionality has been extracted to the new plug-in. This allows reuse of the tasks framework without requiring a depenency on and its transitive dependencies.

Reuse of Discovery Framework

The discovery UI has been componentized to better support reuse.

Propagation of Sync Status

Connectors that are capable of retrieving multiple TaskData objects in a single request now have a means to update the status for each through addition of TaskDataCollector.failed(String taskId, IStatus status).

Error Messages

Repository settings and query pages no longer present errors upon opening and present errors in the order fields appear within the page.

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